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Improve Overall Efficiency

Getting the same (or more) done with less resources is becoming a reality in today’s competitive environment, which makes process efficiency in Dealership operations vitally important. Leveraging technology to reduce cognitive workload and automate repetitive tasks is a key benefit of Dealer by Design.

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Reduce Wasted Time

Whether it’s time spent collecting and confirming information, double-checking if tasks are completed correctly, or mistakes due to miscommunication, lost time has a tangible business cost associated with it. Capture key customer and deal information in one place, for all departments, and access it from any Google Chrome compatible device (PC, Tablet, or Smartphone).

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Focus on What Matters

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large dealership, operational turnover and growing pains are inevitable. Help to minimize daily hiccups by providing the proper digital tools for your frontline staff to maximize customer experience, while management gains additional analytics and increased inter-departmental cohesion. Free up your time for greater focus on creating and maintaining profit generating streams.


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